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United States Paranormal and Other Worldly Research Institute (USPOWRI).

Everything takes place in one of USPOWRI facilities on undisclosed location.

The purpose of USPOWRI is to research everything paranormal to gain advantage in geopolitical landscape.

There is only one person at any given time locally to oversee smooth operations. This is because of the past failures.

This means that the person must have background in paranormal or any related field.

The person must also be able to solve simple mechanical operations in order to maintain the facility functions.

In event of paranormal contact the operation overseer must follow protocol.

At any moment during the stay at the facility the person can contact his handler.

Handlers duties are and not limited to: providing emotional and psychological support, problem solving guidance and helping with the research.


The player begins his work day as usual. Doing what is required to keep the facility up and running. Then when all the tasks are taken care of ,daily experiments must commence. These can range from doing sacrificial rituals ,to simple incantations. The results must be thoroughly studied. One of these rituals seem to leave the player in a fight against time and other dangers present in the dark.

Currently in game:

  • Simple inventory system.
  • Simple objective system.
  • Player can interact with some items in environment (Point and click like).
  • Books/journals and Terminals to read stories and lore about other stations.
  • Simple monster AI.
  • Voice system. Voice lines can be added to anything.(e.g. reading a book,picking an item up ,etc.  but after listening to our cringy voice recordings we decided to not include any voiced dialogue).
  • Simple story demo.

What this game currently lacks:

  • Sounds
  • Save feature( we believed it to be unnecessary for this demo)
  • Proper UI
  • Lot of Textures/Shaders
  • Optimization,some areas in the game lower the FPS significantly which is from what I believe poor object meshes and lightning.
  • More mechanics like walking head movement, crouching etc.


(can be rebound in launcher)

  • WASD for movement
  • J for journal
  • I for inventory
  • F to interact with objects
  • Mouse to look around
  • Left Mouse Button to control terminal/PC

We are a two people team. We are not in any way experts in game making and there is probably going to be a few things wrong with what we make. We will hopefully fix anything within our power. Feedback is welcome.

Before submitting the game for a jam , we had this vision for the game where it looked so awesome in our heads. But general inexperience and lack of time management ruined it for us and for now we have this version. But as our second game ever and my SO not having any previous knowledge on Blender, I think we did pretty good.

Install instructions

Extract the folder from .rar file and run the Untitled Horror.exe


untitledHorror.rar 50 MB

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